Every year CUCOH brings a diverse group of healthcare professionals to speak during our keynotes, seminars, fields and case challenges. Below you will find a few of the speakers who have provided insight at our conference over the past year and what to expect with upcoming speakers.

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Farrah Khan

Gender Based Violence & Health

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Dr. Odette Laneuville

Effects of Microgravity on the Body

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Dr. Brian Goldman

Empathy & Mental Health

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Dr. Bisleri & Dr. Glover

Hybrid Surgery & Treatment of Cardiac Disease


Erin Thompson

Barriers to a Healthy Lifestyle & Care

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Frank Rudzicz

Artificial Intelligence

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Dr. Janice Du Mont

Sexual Assault & Health Based Services

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Rachel Meagher

Medicine in Emergencies (Red Cross)


Dr. Litvack



Kathyrn L. Hong

Management of Atrial Fibrilation

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Dr. Chris Simpson

Healthcare Quality & Policy

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Kim Sears

Patient Safety

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Allen Champagne