Welcome to CUCOH

The Canadian Undergraduate Conference on Healthcare (CUCOH) is a three-day student-run conference at Queen's University held annually in November. CUCOH exposes undergraduate students to a wide array of professions in the healthcare industry through inspiring keynotes, engaging case challenges, interactive workshops and a research competition that showcase the multidisciplinary nature of healthcare. Not only is CUCOH the largest conference at Queen’s University, but it is also the largest student-run healthcare conference of its kind in Canada welcoming over 360 delegates and 100 industry professionals from across the nation. Our mission as a conference is the following:

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Enhance Your Education

Present a cohesive overview of the current state of Canadian healthcare and explore specific areas of future change, especially those relevant over the next ten years.

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Grow your Network

Increase the exchange of knowledge between professionals and students from across Canada by facilitating interdisciplinary discussion and debate on a range of topics that highlights the diversity of health-related issues.

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Learn Practical Skills

Initiate a well-informed and proactive generation of leaders by providing early involvement in diverse health-related professions through a variety of technical activities that will come in handy in the field.


CUCOH hopes to provide an enriching experience for any undergraduate student, even those not pursuing a healthcare related degree, with a glimpse at the intellectual and political climates of the healthcare environment in which tomorrow’s professionals will be working. If you want to learn more about what the conference weekend entails, you can continue with the link provided or browse our explore section below which will be updated with our current offerings closer to the conference start date.