Interactive, hands-on workshops allow delegates to learn a new skill from experienced professionals in a low-pressure environment. Past successful workshops have included suturing, acupuncture demonstrations, laparoscopic surgery, and casting. This year, we hope to incorporate new and enriching workshops.

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Anatomy Workshop

New Med 302A

The anatomy workshop will give delegates an opportunity to view and explore various aspects of human anatomy to gain a deeper understanding of the human body. Cadavers and preserved specimens will be used to facilitate this exciting and interactive session.

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Suturing Workshop

New Med 206A

Delegates will learn how to complete basic suturing stitches and techniques in small groups mediated by medical students from the Queen's School of Medicine. Each delegate will have the unique opportunity to learn using professional grippers and forceps to make sutures on bananas (to mimic skin). This is a fantastic way to get exposure to certain medical techniques, learn a new skill or simply satisfy your curiosity!


Casting Workshop

New Med 206C

Learn how to put on and remove an arm cast in this intensive workshop! A casting technician from Queen's School of Medicine will be providing the materials for pairs of students to learn to put casts on one another.


Intubation Workshop

New Med 234D

The intubation workshop will focus on demonstrating emergency techniques for airway clearance. Students will learn the advanced techniques that are key to saving lives in the emergency room every day. They will learn about what it means or how it feels to "bag" a patient as well as slide a breathing tube down a larynx.


Laparoscopic Workshop

New Med 234E

This workshop will be lead by surgical residents of Queen's School of Medicine using laparoscopic boxes. The surgical residents will show delegates how the laparoscopic boxes work, and then delegates will be able to practice in pairs. A number of games will be provided to practice techniques such as peg transfer and threading pipe cleaners through loops. All of these games are played by the surgical residents in their boot camp training during their first year and are sure to be a lot of fun!


Medical Imaging Workshop

BioSci 1102

In this workshop, delegates will learn how to read and understand chest x-rays. Led by  Queen's medical students, the goal of this workshop is to familiarize delegates with a common diagnostic image, and have them identify abnormalities on the scan.