CUCOH is proud to announce our Oral presenters for CUCOH 2017. Oral presentations will take place during each "Experiences" block and all delegates will be scheduled to attend at least one. The following are the presenters and their topics

Lior Levy

mTOR inhibition increases lifespan in Li-Fraumeni Syndrome fibroblasts by positively influencing the DNA damage response

Michelle Meringer

Identification of BChE as a novel mediator of radioresistance and aggression in prostate cancer

Omar Salah Salah

Dysregulations in the Hippo signaling pathway can cause ovarian cancer


Sarah Pol

Patient-reported outcome measures in pediatric solid organ transplantation: A systematic review

Alexander Puddifant

This is your brain on DHCA”: Neurological Activity in Deep Hypothermic Circulatory Arrest

Dory Abelman

Promoting health equity amongst indigenous populations though acknowledging the social determinants of health: a literature review focusing on cancers


Hiba Haidar Al-Bahrani

Advice and Recommendations given to Pregnant Elite and High Level Recreational Athletes in the Sports Community – A Survey of Coaches

Feodor P-S

This is Your Brain on Neoliberalism: Ideology as Pathology

Justin Kim

A systematic review: Impact of informal caregiver distress on health outcomes of community-dwelling dementia care recipients


Robert Kouchecki

Risk of bias assessment of randomized controlled trials in high-impact rheumatology journals and general medical journals: A systematic review

Daniel Cresta

A Web-Based Application to Easily and More Accurately Quantify Virus Infectivity

Erik Jacques

Nano-Engineered Bio-inspired Silver Surfaces For Tissue Engineering


Sabrina Wang

Phosphorylation of ubiquitin at Ser57 hyperactivates parkin

Cindy Kao

Comparison of iPS cells derived from fibroblasts and beta cells in their ability to differentiate into the definitive endoderm and insulin-producing cells

Anirudh Bakshi

Fin-to-limb transition – Analysis of the cis-acting regulatory elements of the actinodin genes


Cal Liao

One in a Million Variants: Identifying the Causative Variant in Microcephaly-Ichthyosis

Rayoun Ramendra

Plasma levels of (1 > 3)-β-d-Glucan as An Alternative Biomarker of Epithelial Gut Damage and Microbial Translocation in HIV-1 Infectio

Sahar Alimirzaie

Screening of young age at onset pancreatic cancer patients for mutations in known and novel cancer susceptibility genes


Marissa Lee

Genetic Alterations of the Gα13 Signaling Pathway in Primary Mediastinal

Vinita Dhir

Assessment of left ventricular function by cardiac MRI versus MUGA scans in breast cancer patients receiving trastuzumab: A prospective observational study